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Project Akshara

Under Project Akshara we have Two Programs

Education Assistance Program (EAP)

Akshara Students will get continuous mentorship through personal counselling and motivation classes.

Motivation & Awareness Program (MAP)

Students will be encouraged continously to access emails, digital books etc and also to communicate in English for further skill development.

Project Suhrita

Under Project Suhrita we have One Program

Pick A Wish (PAW)

We provide gifts like toys, game boards etc in orphanages by collecting their wishes. Also we provided assistance to nearly 20 school-going orphan kids for their transportation and basic school needs and medical, educational assistance to a mentally-retarted orphan kid for three years.

Project Vaidya

Under Project Vaidya we have Two Programs

Health Awareness Program (HAP)

Medical and Dental Awareness camps are being conducted under this program in schools and remote villages.

Project Uddharaka

Under Project Uddharaka we have One Program

Rehabilitate And Renovate (RAR)

As part of renovation, We provide basic amenities like benches, tables etc to Govt. schools. As part of rehabilitation, we provide basic necessities to affected people during natural calamities.

Project Pradatha

Under Project Pradatha we have One Program

Help Abandoned & Disabled (HAD)

We inquire about the requirement of goods like Braille kits, Hearing-aids etc. from special-schools and distributed 100 Braille Kits to the students of Devnar school for Blind, Hyderabad.