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What Project AKSHARA - EAP Do?

Under Safe Hands Foundation's Project AKSHARA, Education Assistance Program (EAP) is an activity through which meritorious but financially backward students are selected and assisted for their higher education via different means like academic fees, books etc.

Project AKSHARA - EAP's Procedure

  • Equal focus on merit and poverty
  • Financial Assistance is given for all disciplines for XI and XII standards.
  • Some well-determined and experienced volunteers are nominated as facilitators and they invite applications from the deserving students from their respective places.
  • Intensive selection process –based on 10th class results and Akshara Sponsorship exam, students are short-listed for home visits to access the extent of financial difficulty.
  • Verification of economic status through visits to every candidate’s home by local volunteers ensures high level of integrity in selection.
  • Thereafter depending on the merit and home visit reports,the final list of eligible students will be prepared for assisting them with finance, books and training.
  • Whole selection process is unbiased and strictly followed according to the rules and objectives of organisation.
  • The facilitators with the help of local volunteers and well wishers will organise the financial assistance disbursement programmes in selected locations.

Project AKSHARA - EAP's Continuous Mentorship Process

  • Akshara Students will get continuous mentorship through personal counselling and motivation classes.
  • Academic records of the students will be closely monitored with the help of respective colleges.
  • Sufficient books & materials regarding the various national-wide examinations and career paths will be provided.
  • Regular visits to their colleges for discussing & tracking student's academic performance with teachers of their colleges.