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Call: +91 - 888 68 777 81  | 
E-mail: admin@safehandsfoundation.org

Steps to Become a Volunteer

  • To become a Registered Volunteer, please click on Join as Volunteer Button below and register your details.
  • We will send regular updates to you during the events or activities. You can also take part in planning new activities.
  • You can volunteer by participating in our activities at your convenience and help the poor/needy.
  • Also for participating in our activities, please follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Google+/LinkedIn or subscribe to our emails.
  • Volunteers who cannot support in-person, can help us by promoting our activities in social-media or by generating funds from friends and relatives for the on-going activities.
  • Registered Volunteers only are eligible for Volunteer Recognition Program.
  • Feedback on activities will be taken annually from registered volunteers only and will be used in the improvement of quality in the activities.
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