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Step-by-Step Procedure

  • When a Sponsor decides to help a needy or poor, the first step would be to browse through our website for current activities/events.
  • Choose an event and browse through the activity description and make a decision to take part by supporting Financially or Physically.
  • Sponsor can pledge to support the child, family and community through a regular monthly contribution.
  • Safe Hands Foundation members are highly dedicated and well-determined to help the poor & needy students for their higher education. We support the students by sponsoring academic fees and by giving good guidance, supervision and track their academic records regularly.
  • SHF believes that the best way to change the life of a person is to give valuable education and awareness.
  • When a Donor becomes an edu-sponsor in Akshara, he/she will receive the details of the student viz. their story and background details. Sponsors will be updated about their student's progress through annual progress reports.
  • The Sponsor can correspond with the sponsored child through letters.
  • Thus, Edu-Sponsorship enables a one-to-one relationship between the sponsor and the student, in turn helps sponsors in making a big difference in the lives of students, their families and entire communities through a small, regular contribution.