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What Project VAIDYA - SAL Do?

Under Safe Hands Foundation's Project VAIDYA, Save A Life (SAL) is an activity through which we offer support for medical treatment to impoverished people.

Project VAIDYA - SAL's Procedure

  • Project Vaidya offers its safe hands to the people in need of medication and with no support from their professional & economical background.
  • Support will be given on need basis and will be decided to support partially or fully based on various constraints.

Project VAIDYA - SAL so-far...

  • Started Blood Donor database to help the needy people by taking the requests for blood and by informing interested donors via email or phone.
  • Provided financial support for lower jaw surgery of a Poor student in emergency who met with a road-accident on his way to college.
  • Sponsored a Person from Chennai for his treatment of rare-type of cancer.
  • Offered our safe hands to a lady for her medical treatment of the burns happened all over her body (66% as per diagnostics) in a drastic fire accident.
  • Sponsored a poor lady from Maharashtra for an emergency surgery of her husband at a critical stage.