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What Project AKSHARA - MAP Do?

Under Safe Hands Foundation's Project AKSHARA, Motivation & Awareness Program (MAP) is an activity through which we provide skill development trainings, conduct mock competitive tests etc.

Also we setup Digital Knowledge Hub and provide access to the students of Govt. schools/colleges which helps them to get exposure to wide information.

Project AKSHARA - MAP's Procedure

  • We setup Digital Knowledge Hub (DKH) with computers and interent facility in Govt. Residential Colleges.
  • Access to DKH is absolutely free-of-cost sice DKH is setup with non-profit motive.
  • Students will get access to only set of allowed websites that provides valuable information and General Knowledge.
  • Volunteers and Employees will be available at DKH for any assistance related to education. Also they will provide spoken english classes, conduct mock examinations etc.
  • Thus, Students will get exposure to procedures of Online Competetive Examinations, which they may not get through their academic curriculum.

Project AKSHARA - MAP's Continuous Mentorship Process

  • All records of students accessing the DKH will be maintained and monitored.
  • One-to-one mentorship will be provided via Internet and Emails.
  • Students will be encouraged continously to access emails, digital books etc and also to communicate in English for further skill development.