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What Project VAIDYA - HAP Do?

Under Safe Hands Foundation's Project VAIDYA, Health Awareness Program (HAP) is an activity through which we conduct medical/dental camps to provide free medical checkups. Also we arrange meetings to improve the awareness about having healthy food and clean surrondings.

Project VAIDYA - HAP's Procedure

  • We, with the help of medical colleges, inquire and decide the place like remote villages to conduct the camps.
  • After receiving proper permissions from local authorities, the camp will be setup and free service will be provided on regul;ar basis.
  • Doctors & Interns will provide various awareness sessions about having healthy food and clean surroundings.

Project VAIDYA - HAP so-far...

  • Conducted a Dental Camp at Pangidi village for spreading health awareness and served more than 200 people.