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What Project PRADATHA - HAD Do?

Under Safe Hands Foundation's Project PRADATHA, Help Abandoned & Disabled (HAD) is an activity in which we work to support physically disabled students by providing them the basic needs for Education viz. Braille Kits, Hearing-aids, Cycles etc. We also distribute Blankets to the abandoned people on roads, Homeless destitutes etc. during Winter.

Project PRADATHA - HAD's Procedure

  • We inquire about the requirement of goods like Braille kits, Hearing-aids etc. from special-schools.
  • Goods will be bought from the corresponding manufacturers directly.
  • They will be distributed at the schools to the students in-person.
  • Same procedure incase of Blankets too and will be distributed to home-less destitutes.

Project PRADATHA - HAD so far...

  • Distributed 100 Braille Kits to the students of Devnar school for Blind, Hyderabad.
  • Distributed 100 blanktes to home-less people and in a home for disabled kids in winter.