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What Project SUHRITA - PAW Do?

Under Safe Hands Foundation's Project SUHRITA, Pick A Wish (PAW) is an activity in which we work closely with orphan-ages and old-age homes to support them by fulfulling their small wishes like gifts, toys, blankets, new clothes etc. Also we provide basic needs like rice, food materials etc.

Project SUHRITA - PAW's Procedure

  • Monetary support will not be provided to any organisation. Only wishes/requirements in kind will be provided.
  • Such organisation has to provide half-yearly report about the sponsored kids with their photographs.
  • Physical visits will be done regularly to the organisation to track the status of the kids.

Project SUHRITA - PAW's so far...

  • Provided gifts like toys, game boards to 20 kids of an orphan-age by collecting their wishes.
  • Provided assistance to nearly 20 school-going orphan kids for their transportation and basic school needs.
  • Provided medical and educational assistance to a mentally-retarted orphan kid for the three years.